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Frequently Asked Questions about GATE

Dr. M. Williams, GAT Teacher
Dr. M. Williams, GAT Teacher


 How was my child identified? - Students were identified using state and local criteria for achievement. This includes data from MAP, grades, teacher recommendation, ITBS, and CogAT.

 What will students do during GATE time? - Students will improve their critical and creative thinking skills by using research based gifted curriculum (e.g. William and Mary Units, Mentoring Young Mathematicians Units/M2, and Mentoring Mathematical Minds/M3 Units, and brain boosters.)

 When will students meet for GATE time? - Students will meet once a week at their scheduled time. The schedule is set to ensure that students are receiving weekly gifted services for the required number of minutes as mandated by SC State Board of Education Regulation Number 43-220. This schedule was shared with administration as well as with their content teacher.

 Will my child receive a grade? - Yes, they will receive a grade. Additionally, your child will receive quarterly progress reports.

 Will my child need additional materials for GATE class? - At this time materials are not needed. In the future your child may be asked to bring in specific materials.

 Will your child be asked to complete extra assignments out of class? - Yes, your child will receive enrichment as well as extension activities designed to ensure cohesion, consistency, and continuous learning.

 Will my child be allowed to make up any content assignments missed while participating in the GATE class? - Yes, your child will be allowed to complete or make up any assignments missed. Communicate with the content area teacher concerning work that is missed and the time frame in which it is to be submitted.

 Will students participate in field experiences this year? - Yes, students will participate in field experiences.

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