Brookdale Elementary 1st International Cultural Program
Posted On:
Friday, April 07, 2017



Brookdale Elementary School celebrated their first international cultural program on March 28th, 2017.  The students of Brookdale were introduced to various cultures from Africa, Bangladesh, China, India, Mexico, and Trinidad. The program started with lighting of the lamp by faculty members which is an Indian culture. Rangoli, which is a floral design, was made with different colors. The Indian National Anthem was sung beautifully by Ms. Sunita Marapally’s and Ms. Sharperson’s students and Ankitha Konka. The students from various countries presented their cultures featuring a song by Raviv Khan (Bangladesh), a speech on Diwali, festival of lights, which was given by Saniya Patel (India), jokes by Mathew Stack (Philippines), dance by Annie Lui (China), song in French by Alimatou Ndiaye and Marianne Wandji, (Africa) Kelly Velazquez-Perez (Mexico), and a poem by Ms. Dimsoy (Trinidad). Ms. Sunita Marapally (India) gave a presentation on India and its culture. Faculty, staff and students participated in a fashion show dressed beautifully in Indian costumes. The students displayed their country flags. The program was informative and fun for all in attendance.



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